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Group Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

All sections to determine their own code of conduct (i.e. list of rules) which should be agreed by all members and align with the group behaviour policy. Sections may choose their own sanctions for minor misbehaviour (e.g. time-out, extra chores, etc).

Group behaviour policy to be issued to parents on joining the group and moving between section or as relevant. ‘Starting Scouts’ letter to include statement on group behavioural policy and parents to sign to agree with this.

Any behaviour which is unacceptable including, but not limited to, that which poses a risk to the Scout or others, bullying of any type, behaviour in serious conflict with the section code of conduct, shall be managed according to three levels;

Level 1: Individual to be sat out of, or sent home from, meeting or activity.

Parent shall be contacted to request collection from meeting or individual sat out of activity as appropriate to location, timing, etc… Parent and Young Person to be made fully aware of the background to issue. GSL shall be informed, though may already be aware of potential issue from young person.

Level 2: Fixed period exclusion from activity or meetings.

Young person shall be excluded from one or more meeting nights or events with agreement from leadership team and GSL.

Level 3: Termination of Group Membership

Young person shall be permanently excluded from 66th Bath Scout Group and shall no longer be a member of the group. This may only be actioned by the GSL.

In the event of severe misbehaviour, it may be deemed appropriate by the leadership team and Group Scout leader to proceed straight to level 2 or even level 3. Examples would include serious bullying, or seriously dangerous behaviour.

Right of Appeal

Appeal may be made to the Group Scout Leader in the first instance.

Should the parent or young person not be happy with the Group Scout Leader’s decision upon appeal, a right of further appeal to the District Commissioner exists, and is enshrined in Scouting’s Policy Organisation and Rules. The Group Scout Leader shall supply the contact details of the District Commissioner if they are required.