Beavers Cubs Scouts

Payments Policy

Payments Policy

Unless otherwise agreed, all payments to the group for Subscriptions, Trips and Camps must be made via Online Scout manager.


The rate of subs is set annually at the AGM. These are payable in full, in advance at the start of each term via Online Scout Manager. If this poses difficulty please refer to the Hardship Policy and speak to the relevant Section Leader.

Camp / Trip Fees

Payment for all camps/trips is due IN ADVANCE of the trip, unless agreed with the leader in charge of that trip. Places may be forfeited should payment not be received by any due date, and any overdue payment will still remain payable.

All deposits are non-refundable. Where there is a single payment for a camp or trip, this should be taken to constitute a non refundable deposit.

Other payments are generally non refundable, in particular where cancellation is made after  a payment deadline has passed.

If attendance is cancelled after a payment deadline has passed, the payment will remain payable as at this point the group is likely to have committed to expenditure.

In some circumstances payment will be taken after a trip.

On these occasions, non payment may result in suspension of membership of the group until payment has been made. Cancellation of attendance of a trip does not remove the requirement to pay unless this has been agreed with the Group Scout Leader or leader in charge of the trip.

Non Payment of Subs

If amounts become overdue, two reminders will be sent automatically by email, or manually by leaders.

Should the amount remain outstanding after 28 days, a formal letter/email will be sent giving 14 days notice to make the payment, and explaining that unless payment is made within 14 days membership will be terminated.

At least 14 days letter, a further letter will be sent terminating membership. Upon membership being terminated, the relevant space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Should you wish to rejoin the group, you will need to enter the waiting list afresh.

If payment is a problem, please talk to us!! We can always sort something out to avoid having to resort to this policy!