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Prevention of Bullying Policy

Prevention of Bullying

The Scout Association’s Anti-Bullying Policy states:

It is the responsibility of all adults in Scouting to help develop a caring and supportive atmosphere, where bullying in any form is unacceptable.”

In order to ensure that incidences of bullying are effectively dealt with:

  • During normal Section Meetings and activities, all incidences will be brought to the attention of the leader in charge of that section (or at Group Events, The Group Scout Leader) at the earliest opportunity
  • At overnight events or activities involving leaders from outside the group, all incidents will be logged in a central log book (to be kept in the “locked box” or with the first aid kit). This is to include any incident involving accusations of bullying, fights or major arguments between young people. It need not include every minor misdemeanour! Threats and “last chances” (e.g. warnings of a young person being sent home) should also be recorded.
  • Each evening on overnight events, and at the end of one day group events, a quick “hot debrief” will be held, and any incidents discussed. This is to ensure that all leaders are aware of issues, and that they can be dealt with effectively.

All incidents of bullying should be dealt with as per the behavioural policy and the “three-strikes“ process, and the Group Scout Leader should be informed at the earliest opportunity.